About Us

What is HolidayCooker?

HolidayCooker is an online travel portal that provides a wide variety of holiday packages ranging from honeymoon to family holidays to weekend getaways.

Planning a customized holiday with HolidayCooker ensures that the “ingredients” that go into “cooking” each holiday are right, making its customers want more. Meticulously choosing hotels/resorts and attention to detail help us plan and execute holiday experiences for our customers which are bound to give them sweet memories with “lifetime validity”.

To deliver personalized and hassle-free holiday experiences by offering holiday packages in a professional manner and give the best value for money every time our customers book with us

To be a one stop shop for travel related services and to make travel as comprehensive, convenient and customized as possible by 2018

Our Philosophy
Our tagline is ‘One Portal.Infinite Experiences’ – We want you to feel joyous, delighted, ecstatic, cheerful, glad, elated, rejuvenated, jubilant, playful, wonderful, at ease, refreshed, comfortable, pleased, relaxed, serene, excited, enthusiastic, recharged and peaceful during the process of booking with us as well as during the tour
We simplify the holiday planning and booking process for our customers
We tailor our services to meet different needs of different customers
We add value through personalization
We believe in being honest and transparent to our customers
We want to give our customers best value for their money
We believe in the principle of “Customer First”. We make customers the central focus of all decisions
We are biased! Biased towards choosing hotels/resorts who provide quality service to our customers consistently


"Andaman Special" - 5 nights/6 Days! 3 Nights Port Blair-3 Nights Havelock-Day trip to Neil Island Accomodation,... http://t.co/I7pH1HhNfV


Any package can be customized as per your needs. Write to us at info@holidaycooker.com or call us at 8790790141 to get the most competitive quotes.