Honeymoon Tips

What immediately follows a marriage is a rather interesting phase or an event called “Honeymoon”. A honeymoon is a first holiday which a newly-wed couple spends together following their marriage. For every newly-wed couple the purpose of honeymoon is to spend the most pleasurable time, cherish each other’s company and to know each other better. It is something that most married couples remember well into their old age. Being “once in a lifetime” event it adds to the much needed hype, anticipation and excitement and hence has a great significance in starting their new life.

The problem for many people is that they may not always have the idyllic honeymoon that they desperately wanted to have. This is why it is so important to ensure that the honeymoon is what you really want it to be. To make your honeymoon the most cherishing and exciting moment of your life here are some tips to plan your dream honeymoon.

Begin planning your honeymoon early. The sooner you plan, the better it would be. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to research your trip and you’ll be able to get exactly what you want. Booking flight tickets in advance will most probably get you cheaper tickets compared to booking at the last moment.

Share the planning. After all, this honeymoon is for both of you. If you make all the decisions, you’ll feel guilty if things don’t go perfectly.

Set a tentative budget. Talk about your expectations and priorities so you can agree before you go about what you’ll splurge on and where you’ll skimp. This way, you’ll avoid money hassles en route.
Suggestion: Splurge on your accommodations. Even if you think you won’t spend much time in your room, you’ll probably be sorry if it’s not special.

If possible, have another couple travel with you! While the idea might sound a little strange at first, having another couple travel with you surely adds to the fun. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing an accompanying couple. They should preferably be newly-wed, probably a month or two old, and one of you should know at least one of them well. It could be your friend or relative, one who you think can gel well with you and your spouse. It might seem that you both won’t be able to spend quality private time together, but remember, the other couple would also want to be left alone. Having another couple with you definitely adds to your sense of security in a new place. And you also have someone to capture your photographs!

Take it easy. The first few days so you can recover from post-wedding exhaustion and focus on each other. Don’t try to do too much during your honeymoon. Remember, you’ll have lots of time to travel together, but only one honeymoon.

Planning to take your spouse’s name? Unless you’re taking a delayed honeymoon, you won’t be able to amend your passport, driver’s license, etc., until after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. Even though you’ll be anxious to start using your married name, it can be a real nightmare if you haven’t legally changed it yet. Instead, use your maiden name on visas, airline tickets, etc., so they match your name as it appears on your official documents.

Pack a sense of humour. A bit of flexibility can go a long way on a honeymoon. Expect that things won’t always go as planned. Do what you can to remedy the situation, then relax and enjoy your honeymoon. Years, or even a few hours from now, you’ll probably laugh.

Tell the world you’re honeymooners! Don’t be bashful about your status, you’re likely to enjoy special treatment such as complimentary champagne in-flight, or a gift basket in your room!

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